Energetic Orange: My Front Door with Modern Masters

**Just a heads up: this is a sponsored post. I was compensated for this review with free product. That being said, I wouldn’t say amazing things about the product if I didn’t love it, so all opinions and feelings are my own.**


The Haven conference put me in touch with about a million cool people. A MILLION. NO EXAGGERATING. Lies. All the exaggerating. There were only 300-500 people there. But they were SO amazing, it felt like A MILLION. For real this time. One of the amazing companies I met (along with Sam, the sweet boy who helped me at their booth) was Modern Masters. We took super cute pictures of ourselves and the rock they gave me in the swag bag said that I wanted to be successful. I’m taking it as a good omenfor sometime. :) When we were contacted by Modern Masters about doing a project, I was a really benevolent and generous wife and I let my husband choose the color of our Front Door Paint. I was really hesitant because we painted our front door with regular old yellow paint from the store and it wasnot what I had envisioned. I loved it WAY MORE than the ugly builder off-white color, but it wasn’t a SHAZAM for me.  Well, we narrowed it down to two, he picked the one he knew I was comfortable with, I continued to tell him it was HIS choice, and he picked the one that had been his favorite since we went to their booth, Energetic. I did veto the Texas Longhorns vinyl silhouette he wanted on the door. Here’s the beforewith the face of a guy who got to choose his front door color. front-door-before-face There are about a million great things about this paint. This time I’m not exaggerating. This color is like the best citrus-y punch in the face. Ever. The paint itself is amazing because it covers in two coats, dries quickly (to a Satin finish), and NEVER fades. I mean, obviously it hasn’t even been a month, but I have complete faith in this fact. If you’re wondering why the color is “Energetic” and not Citrus Splash or Orange Crush or some other crazy play on the word orange, it’s because Modern Masters’ 24 Front Door colors are based on the Emotional Color Wheel. (The yellow I selected was called “Happy”, so I think we were good either way.) If you’re STILL NOT SURE about how awesome this paint is, download the app (for iPhone AND Android) and INSTANTLY see how Front Door Paint can transform your door. INSTANTLY, y’all. That’s my life’s dreaminstant DIY results. When I received the paint, it was definitely a SHAZAM and I. Was. Terrified. modern-masters-energetic   The first coat was streaky, as are are all first coats, but Chris was PUMPED. I mean, the man kept coming around the corner to stare at the door. I should’ve littered this post with pictures of his excited face. front-door-first-coat-paint   front-door-first-coat-bottom That picture was when I knew I was going to love it with the tile. You can’t really tell in this picture, but the tile has some oranges/tans in it and the door really looks way better (and obviously, warmer) with them than the yellow ever did. Here’s after coat 2pretend you don’t see how badly spray painting my door hardware went. front-door-second-coat front-door-second-coat-hardware front-door-second-coat-hinges   The paint was legit, y’all. And it *really* did cover after 2 coats, but I’m a bit paranoid and the container said *some* colors may need 3 coats. I feel better being safe than sorry, so I did a 3rd coat. I’m really happy that I did because it *really* polished it and makes it look professional. I mean, I’m super amateur-hour and this door looks GOOOOOOD. Plus, there’s TONS of paint left, like, enough to do 5 more doors. I think we might replace our siding and then make our two little sheds and our back door match! Sadly, that prospect is SO exciting to me. Please tell me I’m not alone. front-door-third-coat-finished   Don’t be jealous of how badly we need to replace our siding and trim. Tell me, whose idea was it to build a particle-board siding house in a region called the TIDEWATER. IT RAINS ALL THE TIME. It’s actually raining as I type. Ridiculous. But, here it is with our (less than favorite) storm door closed. Maybe I’ll update this picture when I actually clean the storm door. So, 2015? 2016? front-door-closing-finished   This is probably my favorite photo. This is what you’d see if you were standing in my front yard (with your umbrella and boots on) right now, albeit slightly gray-er. The orange plays up my favorite wooden block (the “M” – like Modern Masters!) and I love howwell, energetic it makes our entryway look. Also, it’s the PERFECT orange for fall decorating, which I might share when I’m finally finished with it. :) Keep scrolling for THE BEST PART. front-door-finished-entryway You could buy your own Modern Masters Front Door Paint at a few stores like selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardware locations. You can also buy it via Amazon and the Modern Masters Online Shop. While you’re browsing, check out all of the other AMAZING products they have like their Front Door Paint (duh), Metallic Paint collection, Matte Metallics, and Metal Effects paint. All of their stuff is AMAZING and YOU could be the next person to try it out. FOR FREE?! Yes, there’s a giveaway going on RIGHT NOW here on little ol’ Gourley Girl & Guy. You can win one of the following:

  • Metallic Paint Collection or Matte Metallics (options provided) One Quart and One 6 oz. container – your choice of color OR Four 6 oz. containers – your choice of color
  • Metal Effects (kit contains all, unless otherwise specified) One Pint Primer One Pint Reactive Paint – your choice of color One 4 oz. Solution or Rust Activator One Spritzer Cap One Pint of Permacoat Xtreme [Rust Only]
  • Front Door Paint One Quart – any color

Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter and you’ll be all set! :) I hope you win! Send me pictures when you do!!!!!

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SwapItLikeItsHot Fall 2014 Thrift Swap

Hey! If you’re here from Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Company or (in retrospect) from Melody at My Passion for Decor, WELCOME! OK, here goesI love #SwapItLikeItsHot, y’all. I love-love-lovity-love it. It’s, like, my favorite blog thing ever, besides people reading my blog, and writing, and projects. But really, it’s top 5. SWAP logo If you’re new here, my good friend Charlotte and I (but mostly her) started a little blog/thrift exchange called Swap It Like It’s Hot this summer. C had this great idea for all of us to send each other stuff, transform the stuff, and then use it somewhere! In my first swap, I got stuff from my lovely girl, Bee at Windgate Lane. I love her and my sweet little cheese plate. The stuff she sent me is in constant rotation in the Gourley house. :) For this round of the swap, C drummed up SO much interest (from 9 bloggers to TWENTY-SIX) that we abandoned the previous plan of sending people a specific material and just told everyone to find their best thrifted stuff. I was lucky enough to get my items from Lindsay. Guys, this was equal parts amazing and terrifying. Did you SEE what she did with the stuff I sent her last time? She’s incredible. I knew I’d get cool stuff and the pressure was ON to do something cool with them. I got my stuff a few weeks ago and this is what Lindsay sent… swap-items-before I want to use the vase in my officeeventuallywhen I have an office. I’m picturing navy and white and gold and I can’t WAIT to use that sweet little vase in there. In the meantime, I found some brassy birds to go with him and styled him up on the mantel. Bad news, it’s fall, so the vase has to come down, but he’ll be back (after Christmas)! bird-vase-brass-swan-vignette Sidenote: I love all of my old books. They helped us out at my sister-in-law’s “Love Story” themed wedding and they helped me out today. :) The colors in the books and the vase and AHH! I just love them and can’t wait to use that vase. It’s lighting a fire under me to organize and clean and PAINT! On to the next item. I considered painting/staining the wood in the basket and actually using it as a basket. It’s a GREAT shape and I loved the coppery/rose gold colorbut something was off and the finish peeled in places. I decided that painting and staining the wood would probable be toxic to our health, too. Safety first, y’all. THEN, I made a discovery that the basket could be taken apart. Lightbulbs went off. Eventually, that statement was literal and figurative. basket-taken-apart-before Once I had taken this apart, I remembered another basket (?) thing I bought for a dollar a few months ago. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it, but I bought it becausea dollar. It was a brassy kind of color and I had had a few thoughts about it, but hadn’t followed through. Shocking. I thought these two would look really cool as pendants of some kind. Truly, I want to put them in our roommate’s old room, but it isn’t painted yet. I actually have a larger wire basket that was the inside of a canvas crate, but I’m not tackling that since it would involve a brace for the pendant kit and a lot more space. I figured that, for the purposes of the swap, I could try these pendants in our living room corner where there’s already a lamp. I know, work smarter not harder in full effect. So, they would go here: corner-light-before The unfortunate thing about the timing of this swap is that my sister-in-law got married last weekend (which was so amazing!!!!!), so I had ZERO time to work on these projects before this weekwhich means Sunday. Like, yesterday. I remembered a project from Vintage Revivals that I loved with some old lampshades. Like, I looked around to see if I had lampshades to dismantle (I did not) and tabled the idea for later. I happily un-tabled it for just this project! I bought some Krylon copper spray paint from Michael’s and some cloth-covered cords from World Market! Thanks, World Market- I was just going for regular old cords, but REALLY wanted cloth-covered ones (my store had this one as well, but I bought blue). You totally surprised me and made my day! I primed and spray painted… baskets-primed

baskets-paintedThe next step was scary because I drilled a hole through the smaller piece of wood that came in the fruit basket. It was able to sit right in the fruit basket and hold the light securely. The cone-shaped basket on the other hand? Ummmnot so lucky. Eventually, I’ll have to cut a piece of wood to make them look uniform, but for today?… hot-glue-copper-basket-lightHOT GLUE TO THE RESCUE! [Sorry for the phone picture.] This has the light kit in place for today’s postjury’s still out on the long term. I’m pretty sure I’ll use the bigger piece of the fruit basket’s wood base to cut a circle so the two pendants will match. Then, I might even stain the wood or something…depends on the light’s final placement. Come back to me when I’ve painted our roommate’s room. :) Here they are all in place! :) I should’ve taken some pictures in the daylightthat might come later. I had to go to a planning meeting and buy those cute filament bulbs. I got back after dark and couldn’t take good pictures of this corner. The regular old bulbs just weren’t cutting it for me, though. These bulbs are MUCH cuter, albeit a little dimmer. copper-pendants-from-below


copper-baskets-hangingSo far, these pendants are providing us with WAY more light. I’ll be sad to see them go to their permanent space, but it has my wheels turning for even more lighting in here! Also, THOSE CORDS?! Did you SEE them?! Teal, cloth-covered cords?! Thanks again, World Market. For real.

Thanks again, Lindsay! Go to Melody’s blog next to see what I sent her! My thrift stores were not cooperating, so I was super nervous, but Mel’s a miracle worker! :)

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For the Love of the Game…board: Board Game Gallery Wall

Hey, friends! Somehow the living room became a focus for us. I’m not sure when that happened as it wasn’t a project that was really on my radar. And then, all of a sudden, BAM! I’m redoing every wall in the living room at the same time.

When I first started writing this post, I got WAY ahead of myself and then realized that I never explained how this wall began. Our house is weird and one day I’ll do a home tour or I’ll video a walk-through or something. I don’t know. This long wall runs along our stairs and has a weird slant on one end. We have had chairs centered on it, a couch centered on it, and it has also split the room into two separate, smaller rooms. Once upon a time, it held our ladder shelf. You should be pumped about how bad the photos are in that post. :)

Once I decided that I was changing this wall again, I took off the ladder which was a little heartbreaking. It was a project we did pretty early into our project days. Also, there were holes in the walls from the brackets (some of which you may have seen reappear here with Big G).


Unfortunately, when I took the brackets down, the drywall came off and I had to patch ginormous spots. I actually hate doing anything like this and it usually stays untouched. This time, I actually did it! Also, I have no idea what we were watching…and that Cheez-It box was from #SwapItLikeItsHot. Yes, this project started in May. MAY, Y’ALL.



OK, now that you see where we started, here’s where the game boards came from…

Last fall, Chris and I had a weekend in Richmond for a friend’s wedding. It was truly a glorious weekend. For one, Florida State beat Clemson. For two, we had tons of time alone and away from real life and the leaves were changing and, aahhhhh!!!! It was glorious. I also picked up my lady-love (bowling trophy seen at the end of this post) and got to go to Era Vintage‘s open warehouse sale. While there, we found some old game boards. We bought two Sorry and Parcheesi from The Odd Couple Shop. Shortly thereafter, Chris’ parents were preparing to move out of his childhood home. In the process, they offered him some of his games from childhood. We were so excited and took their Careers game and their Risk game. Chris loooooved Careers because it was one of the games they played a million times as kids.




Seeing the little details on the Risk board really did me in. I mean, the cute little whale and the beautiful cursive writing. It was hard to capture the cursive, but the whale? I got him up close and personal. I mean, it’s a whale WEARING A HAT, Y’ALL. A WHALE IN A HAT. Amazing.


At this point, I had very little idea what I was doing with all of these boards, but that Risk board was dying to be seen, right?! I planned to hang them on a wall somewhere, but I was thinking upstairs in the guest room or something, a.k.a. a room that will get done next to never. I had absolutely no clue they’d end up being a living room wall feature! In April, when we made our trip to PA, we picked up Monopoly and Uncle Wiggily (I had no idea that was a game?!), which brought us to 6. :)


We started hanging them with 3M Picture Hanging Strips…and I promptly messed them up. Of course I did. I put the strips in the wrong place and accidentally hung them upside down. It was really classy. Here’s our preliminary setup, note that I had not yet touched up the spackle spots. I was hoping the boards would cover them. Lazy.


Uhhhh, we were doing a Ghost Hunters DVR marathon. We’re really cool. Trust me.

This setup was good, but then I realized that I wanted to add these little bingo plates I’d gotten in the “hostess gift” aisle at Target. I’m super in love with them. I posted them on Instagram. If you don’t follow me there (@jwgourleygirl), you should. I post the some ridiculous photos. And cat photos. Sometimes there are pretty ones, too. Don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, this guy was the game-changer:



Charlotte, queen of all things flea market, bought this cool cat for us as our roommate gift at Haven. She’s amazing. The colors, the Happy Days theme (who knew that was a game?!), the Fonz on every corner. Yes. And, of course, when I hung it, Arnold’s had to be on the bottom side so you could read it. Because, ARNOLD’S WAS THE BEST, RIGHT?!

This obviously changed things…and when I got all the boards up, I realized I wanted the bingo plates to fill up some spaces. Then, I also realized that a bunch of our little Gs would fit in with the colors on this wall, too. So, I pulled them all out. We got two of these at one of my favorite stores of all time, seagreen gallery, over Valentine’s Day weekend. They’re metal, like enamelware. I love them. We also have an orange one, a turquoise one with orange chevron stripes, an orange leather-looking one, and I happened to pick up a black leather-looking one the week we put this together. Sheesh. Like I didn’t have enough already.


OH- As I show you the left side of the wall, know that the taped out box is where the TV will sit when it’s on its new entertainment stand/dresser. I’m in the process of finishing that behemoth right now. It should be set up soon! That’s why I left that huge space. I planned the whole thing around where the TV will go.


Here is the right side of the wall!


I cannot wait to have the entertainment center/dresser done. I love ALL THE COLORS! I never thought myself a super colorful person, but hot dang!, I love this view.

Aaaaaaand now for the whole wall:



OK, I realize that the view is messy and our entertainment center has crap all over it and the area by our door is kinda a mess. However, the view of this wall all the way down to Big G is PHENOMENAL, AM I RIGHT?! Maybe you hate it. That’s OK, too. I am obsessively obsessed with it. Obsessed. OBSESSED.

All in all, we paid maybe $12 bucks for game boards, $20 (max) for all the Gs combined–well, not Big G, obviously, $15-$20 on 3M strips because I may or may not have had to redo a few of those, $36 on Bingo plates (because I was obsessed- I’m usually much cheaper than that), and $9 on plate hangers. Less than a hundred bucks for a ginormous new statement wall. It’s probably the wall with the most impact in our whole house. And, in other news, it inspired the redo of our previous gallery wall which will now house some more game boards (yet to buy- any game recommendations with beautiful, graphic boards) and Gs (two of which I already bought)!

Anybody out there have any favorite games? Or is anyone hanging game boards on their wall? I gotta say I thought I was original until I saw this from Apartment Therapy THE WEEK AFTER I finished ours. I’m not a copier, promise. Even if I were though, you know what they say: Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. :)