Comfy Feet with Rug Pad Corner

Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post with two rug pads from Rug Pad Corner. They were generous enough to send me the rug pads in exchange for a post but all opinions are 100% mine!

At school, I used to run a “Green Gators” club. I am a) obsessed with recycling and being eco-friendly, and b) our mascot is the Gators. So at home I tend to be a little bit particular neurotic when it comes to things in our house. In the last 2-3 years I’ve started trying to source things more, buy quality products, and/or buy vintage instead of new. I’m all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. That’s probably why I’m also a borderline hoarder. Sometimes, however, the best of ALL worlds come together and I get to recommend something that I highly endorse that is ALSO eco-friendly. A little while back I was contacted by the lovely folks at Rug Pad Corner about trying out some rug pads. We have a big 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ rug in the living room and a 5′ x 7′ in the bedroom. They were on that rug stuff that looks like…gosh…I don’t know. It’s sticky kinda and looks like the stuff you use for no sliding in drawers and cabinets? They had that underneath them. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly cushy on the ol’ toes. When Rug Pad Corner contacted me, I immediately noticed 3 things: 1- Their rug pads are sent specifically for my floor type, traffic, and the furniture atop the rug. 2- Their rug pads are ECO-FRIENDLY, y’all! No off-gassing or crazy chemicals brought into our house. 3- They are a FAMILY-OWNED company. I LOVE that. Shop small, y’all.

[Click here to learn more about this amazing company, their American-made, eco-friendly products, and their mission!]

We got the rugs right before the holidays and you know I couldn’t replace a rug pad with a Christmas tree up, but after that mess got put away (always such a debacle) we got these cushy rug pads under our rugs! The downstairs (living room) rug pad was felt on one side and slick on the other. The lovely folks at RPC sent directions for how to lay each rug pad down so that we wouldn’t mess it up and further mess up our rugs. Also, did you know that without the proper rug pad, spills could stain your floor AND the dyes from your rugs could go through? I didn’t know these things. For real. #thisis30

Now, however, we have this amazingly protective layer under our rugs, which, according to my husband, is also nicer during workouts. He would know. He’s the only one working out around here!

This is the cushy felt pad under our living room rug.


When you order from Rug Pad Corner, they make sure that your rug pad is almost exactly the size of your rug. You’ll see our unfinished floor transitions how closely they fit in the next few pictures. We had barely 1.5″ of clearance on all 4 sides which means a VERY secure rug. DSC_8677



For our bedroom rug, we got a different type of pad. Our bedroom rug doesn’t see as much traffic, but does have more of its surface area covered by furniture. It is also not on a concrete subfloor like the downstairs rug. This one is hard to explain, but the purple side is a rubbery-feeling surface and the other side almost feels like Velcro. Again, they gave us instructions. Geniuses. We would’ve been arguing about which side went down for DAYS. Purple-side down, y’all.

The following photos make it look like this rug pad had more clearance, but really, it’s just hard to put a rug pad down, take pictures of the gaps around the edges, and hold up a bed with only two people. We had to do a lot of adjusting because it goes under our bed, but eventually there was the same 1.5″ gap around all 4 sides of this one. And can I say that I love how much cushier (is that a word?) it is when my feet hit the floor in the morning?!

Long story long: protect your floors, shop at Rug Pad Corner to protect said floors, OH and best-part-for-last, at checkout you can choose one of three organizations to which you would like to donate a portion of your sale’s proceeds! And…you get a COUPON CODE!!!!!!! When you go to purchase said rug pad, be sure to enter REVIEW15 ANY time you order a rug pad from them!

Seriously, this sounds like one of the dorkiest things I’ve ever blogged about, but I can’t tell you how grown up I feel checking “get legit rug pads” off of our never-ending to-do list. Getting to check that off while working with an ecologically responsible, charitable, and family-owned company?! That type of grown up choice can’t be beat. Go! Buy a rug pad! Just do it! :) Your feet (and floors) will thank you!

Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post with two rug pads from Rug Pad Corner. They were generous enough to send me the rug pads in exchange for a post but all opinions are 100% mine!

In Hope – 2015 Word(s) of the Year

Happy New Year! We were talking the other day and both had the realization that a new year has never felt so “new” to us before. Growing up, New Year’s Eve/Day just seems like another part of Christmas break. As a teacher, I still work in that September-June cycle and January doesn’t mean a fresh start like it does for so many others. Actually, I’m usually really sad to see New Year’s Day because it means that break is almost over. This year, during the week approaching NYE, I felt really encouraged to start planning the new year and getting my head right. We had set a few house and personal goals at the beginning of 2014. Some of those, like our bedroom, came to fruition (even if I didn’t blog the final product…still…or make the closet curtains- oops). Some others, like birthing a baby or a redone kitchen, did not. We decided to change up our goals for this year and instead of focusing on one specific product (with the exception of the baby), we would focus on things that we hope for this year and action steps we could take to make those things happen. Because I’m wordy and long-winded and I love to over-share, I’m posting about it here. You can find other bloggers’ Words of the Year (or One Little Word) here, here, and here or by searching on Instagram and twitter for the following hashtags: #OLW2015, #oneword2015, #oneword, #onelittleword, #olw, #onelittleword2015…you get the idea.


When I approached Chris with the idea, he was confused by what on Earth I was talking about. It seems one of us spends more time on the internet blog-reading than the other…hah. I started to explain to him that this one word (yes, I know ours is two), would help us to focus our goals and intentions for the year. We came up with 5 things we were hopeful for and then I got to work doing what I do best…making a list. And, of COURSE you get to see what they are!

Possibilities Everywhere

#InHope 2015

We hope for…

1. good health

We are crazy-sporadic when it comes to being healthy. We don’t overwhelmingly eat trash and I mostly drink water (especially at work), but we could do better and *should* eat out less frequently. Also, we both really love working out, but we don’t stick with it very well. Our action steps are:

+working out
+drinking ShakeOlogy (by Beachbody) or protein shakes
+using essential oils (I really want to get started with these this year because I’d love to use fewer chemicals)
+scheduling time to rest (because we are constantly busy and it’s our own dang fault)
+eating well
+setting goals and rewards for workouts (namely I want new workout clothes and a vacation once I’m happy in a bathing suit again)
+oil pulling (for me…I know there’s a lot of conflicting info, but I’m interested)

before photo just get stronger throw in the towel

2. to be hospitable

We have a great group of kids in our youth group who came over for a Christmas party a few weeks ago and we had an *awesome* time with them in our house. I’d love to do more guys night/girls night events with them and also start having family and friends over more frequently. I really want our house to be comfortable for people and I want to be more ready to spontaneously entertain. Our action steps are…

+actually SCHEDULE gatherings at our house
+be intentional about quality time with others
+plan guys/girls nights

Psalm 37.23-24

3. to be with family

This one is a kind of two-part. For one, we live very near Chris’ siblings right now and don’t see them nearly as much as we’d like to, so we want to make sure to capitalize on the opportunities we have this year. Looking forward, our long-term goal is not to stay where we are. I miss living somewhere more rural and want our “forever” or at least long-term goal to be to get there, preferably closer to my family as well. Our action steps are…

+budget and save
+stay open to opportunities as they present themselves, even if some things don’t look like we expected opportunities to look
+pray for opportunities to come and to recognize them when they do
+schedule our time with family intentionally

Roses Romans 12.12- 2 Psalm 39.7

4. financial freedom with money to give

This year we’re scheduled (budgeted, I guess) to pay off the last of our debt (Chris’ student loan). I got really angry about it last month and tried to find ways to get it paid off more quickly. Chris is also experiencing some job changes which should help us out with this. We cannot wait to be free of this so we can start saving for a larger emergency fund, a house, and to be able to more freely give to people and causes we love. Our action steps are…

+budget wisely
+set goals
+look up tax info (as his job changes, so does our tax situation in a big way, so we need to be extra-prepared)
+keep tithing
+pay off the loan! :)

battle Esther 4.14 Hardest Climb man needs hope Psalm 121

aaaaaaaand #5 could probably be summed up by these two images alone…but I’m not nice enough for that so I’ll be blabbing all over the place about it anyway…


5. to be a family

I wrote a lot earlier this year about our desire to become a family of 2+. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my husband and cherish every single second of time I get with him, but we have both felt (since long before we knew each other) that we were to be parents. I have dreamed about being pregnant for as long as I can remember and I know he would be THE most phenomenal father. However, the longer you fight the infertility battle, the easier it is to lose hope. When I was searching for images to use in this post and to print out and use as my own reminders, most of my struggle with hoping came from this one situation in our life. So, our action steps are…

+to trust in the desire we feel comes from God and to hope that He will bring those things to fruition this year
+to stay open to the ways in which God would have us expand our family- even though we both desire biological children A LOT, we have talked since before we were married about also adopting
+pray for direction, especially in terms of doctors and finances and drugs, etc.
+budget wisely for medical procedures, etc.

This is, by far, the hardest thing for me to do, but I felt a million times better once we wrote it down and I knew we were both on the same page. Let’s be honest, you can’t get much lower than crying during your New Year’s Eve kiss because you’re both not sure if you can go through another New Year’s Eve without a baby. These are the images and verses that are keeping me living in hope, especially hope of becoming a mom with a big ol’ pregnant belly and a little baby (or 2? or 3? I don’t really care- no such thing as ‘no room at the inn’ here) growing inside of me.

Stronger than fear Romans_15_4_picture, Mt_Harris_Union_county soul faints Romans 8.18 Isaiah 66.9 God-answers-when-you-least-expect-it Hebrews 11.3 Hebrews 16.9 alexamariezucher

Those last two are my favorites. They’re just beautiful, aren’t they? Anyway, this is our plan for living 2015 #InHope. If any of you have a word or a goal, pleeeeeeease feel free to share it in the comments! I’d love to hear what your goals and resolutions are for the year to come. And Happy New Year!

better things are coming

DIY Pallet with Deer Silhouette

Hey, y’all! Happy Holidays again! I am so excited about Christmas (though my decorating is STILL not done- sheesh) and was even more excited when Karah and Jessica asked me to be a part of this little jaunt through a bunch of AMAZING blogs with their holiday ideas using ONLY items already on-hand. Hopefully that means some of you are coming from Cuckoo 4 Design who posted her super gorgeous Painted Brushstroke Ornaments yesterday! Welcome!


When asked to do this little holiday challenge, I realized that the room that holds all of my supplies was currently being painted so…what the HECK did I have on-hand to begin with?! I knew we had some old pallets on the back porch and that *somewhere* there was a thing of white paint lying around. I decided to come to the party with a deer silhouette on my pallet. Now, doing a pallet project when you’re in a trail of blogs that includes Karah (who wrote a BOOK on PALLET PROJECTS) is like asking to sing and dance at a party hosted by Julie Andrews…but it was all I had!


-white acrylic paint

-some kind of paper

-picture/silhouette you want to use



-drill and sander

-husband who works outside in the dark for you (optional if you’re a better planner than I am)

My sweet husband cut apart our pallet so that the boards were roughly the same size. Pallet wood isn’t known for being the best wood, but we found 4 good pieces AND he found a thin board to screw them onto. The board happened to be EXACTLY the right size. Fate.




After the boards were attached, I sanded with some 60 grit sand paper to get all the…yuck off. I don’t know what is on pallets. I can only imagine. But I sanded some of it off, at least. Doesn’t it look better?



Yes. I sanded this in my living room floor. Yes, my husband attached the boards in our living floor as well. It’s cold outside, y’all. And the boards were attached VERY late at night. I have no patience for being outside like that. Plus, I was watching Christmas movies.

The stencil, if you could call it that, was the hardest part for me. I basically took some packing paper, like the kind you get your items wrapped in if you happen to frequent antique stores, LAID IT ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN- THIS IS SO GHETTO, zoomed in on a deer silhouette I liked until it was the size I wanted to fit the boards, and then traced over the edges of the silhouette with a pencil. This is REALLY PRECISE AND SCIENTIFIC, EVERYONE. Obviously, due to my extensive precision, the deer ended up being the wrong size. No biggie, I just modified it myself on the paper and then cut it out with an Exacto knife. I chose to use the outside part of the paper (with the deer head missing) and draw around the lines of it, rather than using the less-sturdy deer head to trace.



I’m not going to lie, he looked WAY better than I anticipated. After that, I got a skinny stencil brush (even though the stencil wasn’t on the board anymore) and started painting with the easiest part (the bottom) first.



I did consider staining this first because I had some stain on hand. I’ve never stained anything before, though, and the wood looked better after sanding than I had anticipated. I *may* still go back and stain it before I clear coat (also something not on hand), but I’m going to live with it a minute and then decide.

The antlers were a terrifying experience for me. I was SO scared I would mess it up because my hands aren’t as steady as I feel they should be…as evidenced by this really good picture showing you how precise I was trying to be.



My hand is blurry because…I’m right-handed and I was holding the camera with my left and taking the picture. It was a thrilling scene. I’m sure you wish you could have been here.

Eventually…voila! The deer was done!



We decided that we’ll probably hang him in our entryway, but I have a hard time deciding on an exact height alone, so that will have to be updated later. For the time being, I put him up on our board and batten shelf near the little brass fawn that was already there. I love the way this entryway looks now…even though it JUST looked different last week!




Best parts: this took under 2 hours start-to-finish AND he can change for the seasons…I’m already thinking of getting him a little red pom pom so he can dress up as Rudolph! Thanks SO much for coming by today and PLEASE head over to the unbeatable Caitlin, at Desert Domicile! Go through and read all of the great posts from the last two days. Only 14 days until Christmas! :)

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